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Welcome to our new site!

We’ve moved our Neighbor to Neighbor network to a new dedicated site that’s more secure, both for volunteers, and for those in need requesting help.

Some changes we’ve made: Anyone in the community can request help, but, only co-op members can offer it from this network, to provide a point of reference/verification for users, as a trusted community resource.

Non-members are still able to connect with the wider Western Mass Mutual Aid project [https://www.wmacma.com/] to provide aid in Franklin County as well–this both expands the reach of the networks, and, keeps both of our mutual aid networks linked together!

For additional safety, we have also added specific COVID19 pre-screening questions, and, a more robust set of checks on the coordinator side to screen for when a volunteer’s health status was last updated. We want everyone who is both volunteering, and receiving aid, to minimize their risk levels as much as possible, as we work to keep one another connected and healthy.

Thank you so much for volunteering to help at this time—we’ve never been more proud of our co-op community. Thank you for leading with love.

Best wishes,

The FCC Neighbor to Neighbor Team